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What is compost? Why should I do this?

Compost is a nutrient rich soil amendment made by the decomposition of organic matter. There are several reasons why compost is important for the earth and for society. Compost reduces the use of chemical fertilizers used on farms which in turn helps create safer food for us to eat. In addition to saving on your trash bill you will also be helping divert this useable waste stream from landfills and reducing the amount of methane gas released into the air. †

What can I put in my bucket?

When do I get my compost?

You will receive 10 gallons ( 2 pails) of screened compost in the spring of each year. †

How do I pay?

Cash or Check.

Iím going on vacation and wonít be homeÖ

No problem, just notify us 2 weeks in advance and we will accommodate your situation as necessary.

Iím having a party and will have more food waste than usual what can I do?

We can accommodate this by leaving a large tote for the party for everyone to join in the zero waste movement with you!